Quarry Hill Creative Center in Rochester, Vermont,  was founded as an artist's colony on April 10, 1946, by Barbara Hall Fiske, an artist, and Irving L. Fiske, a writer and playwright.   They wanted the land tos be a "paradise for 'souls,' "-- a retreat and artistic center for free-thinking people who enjoyed individualistic thinking, art, literature, and classical music, and sunbathing and swimming. They also established one of the first, if not the first, groups in the country in which all residents agreed never to strike, spank, neglect, or negate children, whom Irving Fiske said were "Ambassadors from another dimension and deserve diplomatic immunity."  He also said, "Adults must remember that they look like insane giants to children."

In addition, no animals were to be injured or killed at Quarry Hill. Otherwise, there were few rules. IN the 1960s, many young, 'hip' people came to the land, and began to build houses and have children. Quarry Hill soon had its own school and by the 1990s approximately 90 people lived on the 140 acres full-time. The children grew up and went on to form their own lives. There is room at Quarry Hill today for a new generation of "souls" to make a home. There are houses for sale and rooms for rent.  The Fiske family (Isabella, or Ladybelle, Irving and Barbara's daughter, her husband, Brion, cousin Robin, son Andrew, daughter Joya and son in law Brem, nephew Jason Us and niece Eva Us) welcome new people every year   and we meet many from all over the world...

Irving died in 1990, on April 25, and Barbara in 2014 on April 28. QH itself was "born" April 10. It seems to be an important month for us.

Quarry Hill Creative Center

Quarry Hill

Unusual people  in a beautiful world.

"Tat Tvam Asi-- Thou art That."

Oh yes...


Especially Harpo, the "Fallen Angel of Silence," as one book puts it.

The thief left it behind:

The moon at the window. -- Zen poem

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